Valuation of a 2009 Desco G2500 Portable Tire Shear

desco portable tire shear

Today we are going to tackle a 2009 Desco G2500 Portable Tire Shear. Hang on to your hats.

This used tire shear machine was recovered as part of a voluntary equipment repossession. The previous owner did not abuse this tire cutting shear; however, it did have some noticeable rust on the cover.

Let’s break down this used tire shear.

So what is a tire shear anyway?

A portable tire shear is a hydraulically-powered machine that is designed to cut tires into quarters, or smaller pieces if desired. These portable tire shears are made for high-volume tire cutting and are extremely powerful, useful tools. They can cut everything from your garden variety car and truck tires to semi truck tires to your truly heavy equipment tires, such as those on tractors, backhoes and loaders.

You may not know this, but…

Desco has been building tire shears since 1985. There are more than a thousand tire cutters and de-rimmers operating worldwide today.

Step 1 —Used Tire Shear Operating Condition

The G2500 tire shear was observed to have rust on the cover and along both the blade arm and blade. Despite that, the blade was not damaged and the rust was superficial. The tire shear was believed to have been left outside for much of its life, with the rust due to constant exposure to the elements. The wheels, tires and structure of the machine showed no signs of damage.

Step 2 — Hour Meter Reading

With 339 hours on the clock for this machine—equivalent to about 81,000-plus tires cut—the G2500 tire shear has seen some serious usage for its age.

Step 3 – Tire Shear Running Condition

The motor started and ran without issue. The hydraulics worked as they should. We did not attempt to cut a fire with the used tire shear  machine, but based on the running condition and motion of the cutting arm, it appears to be in good working order.


  • New retail $30,000.00
  • Less hour reading of 339 (81,000+ tires cut) $14,000.00
  • Less 2 year warranty expired $2,500.00
  • Less rusting of cover, blade and blade arm $2,500.00
  • VALUE CONCLUSION: $11,000.00

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