Kansas Used Semi Trucks

Are you looking to buy a used semi truck in Kansas?

The EquipmentEngine used semi trucks International Marketplace is one of the fastest growing commercial semi truck sales sites in the world. We specialize in selling used off-lease or repossessed semi trucks from creditors located in Kansas, and many other select states. If we don’t have a semi truck for sale in Kansas, we probably do in another state close by. The reason for our continued success selling used trucks? Our straightforward approach to delivering a truly “full service” International Marketplace selling experience, where we do all the work.

  • Best Buyer Network™ maximizes our ability to remarket your used equipment.
  • Comprehensive equipment financing options for all Kansas truck buyers..
  • International audience to keep our truck inventory filled.
  • Multi-party disbursements.
  • Escrow services to maximize the value of your used truck purchase.
  • Treasury, tax, title, collect/remit processing.

Only the best used equipment sellers can remarket with us!

The best used truck sellers in Kansas rely on EquipmentEngine because of our commitment to a positive buying or selling experience for all our customers. This commitment results in higher quality used semi trucks for sale, a quicker used truck selling time, and an industry leading equipment offer-to-sell rate.

  • Nationwide suite of portfolio used semi truck services.
  • Commercial equipment and used truck market insight.
  • Unmatched Best Buyer Network™
  • Faster end-to-end cycle times on used equipment sales.
  • Transparent, interactive technology & online reporting platform.
  • Higher used truck recovery rates.
  • With our consignment system, we don’t get paid until you do!

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